Steven Spielberg is Preparing 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' for an Imax Re-release


Q. As with the Imax release of “Raiders,” the Blu-ray releases of the Indy films are just upgrades in presentation – there are no other changes to the movies?

A. No, there’s no aesthetic changes to the films. I’m not going back and doing to any of my movies that are now coming out on Blu-ray what I did when “E.T.” was reissued for the third time and I made some digital changes in the picture. I’m not doing that any more. I’ve resigned myself to accepting that what the film was at the time of its creation is what it always should be for future generations. I’m no longer a digital revisionist.

If this interview doesn't get you in the mood to watch some big screen Indiana Jones, there's something seriously wrong with you.

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