The Sad State of MLB's Blackout Policy


Thus, as long as I am standing in Carlisle, PA, I can’t watch Phillies broadcasts. However, if I go a half hour to the west in Chambersburg, PA, Phillies games are not shown on television, but also are not blacked out in the packages. If I go a half hour to the east in Harrisburg, PA, Phillies games are blacked out in the packages, but shown on local television. Therefore, this tiny strip of land in Central PA is the only spot in the entire country that one can not legally watch Phillies games. It is purgatory for a Phillies fan.

It's completely ridiculous that these restrictions are in place. If the MLB was trying to proctect the local affiliates, they would show the local affiliate stream with the ads intact, and give revenue back to the affiliates. The current state just hurts customers.

If only there was some way to get around MLB's ridiculous blackout policy.

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