Looking at Daft Punk's new album, 'Random Access Memories'


Steven Hyden for Grantland:

RAM's most polarizing track is "Giorgio by Moroder," in which the 73-year-old Italian disco pioneer talks about the origins of his career over a swirling soundscape […] The song has been dismissed as a hectoring history lesson for bratty club kids. But when Moroder talks about his early ambition to make an album "with the sounds of the '50s, the sounds of the '60s and the '70s, and a sound of the future," he could just as well be talking about Random Access Memories.

I'm a fan of the song, and I'm a fan of the concept of the album. I think that Daft Punk were completely self-aware when they stuck this little nugget into 'Giorgio by Moroder'.

That said, I don't expect I'll listen to RAM more than a few times through. I like the concept, but I'm not feeling the album, itself.

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