Born Slippy: the Making of Star Fox


Damien McFerran's 20-year retrospective on the making of StarFox. This quote from Jez San, about working with Shigeru Miyamoto, jumped out at me:

"It was amazing to see the way he worked," says San. "He didn't design games up front, like western game designers would do. He had ideas and liked to play, refine and evolve. He especially liked to iterate - he did a lot of trial and error. It really felt like he would be flying by the seat of his pants much the time. It was occasionally frustrating, because you couldn't schedule the project in advance. You couldn't know how much effort or man-hours were required for any specific feature or element because he didn't really plan in any great detail. He seemed to do everything by what feels right, which means it has to be pretty much fully built before he could evaluate how much fun it was - and then he'd tell you to change this or change that, and so on."

I doubt that anyone who has ever played a Miyamoto game would be surprised that he relentlessly iterates.

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