Unblock-Us and Netflix Update

Nick wrote in with a good note regarding my Unblock-Us + BIND setup:

I noticed after setting up the netflix.com zone that unblock.us resolved most of the Netflix addresses to a CNAME, e.g.:

 secure.netflix.com.   86400   IN  CNAME   secure-1848156627.us-west-9.elb.amazonaws.com.

My ISP’s DNS server did not know about the address secure-1848156627.us-west-9.elb.amazonaws.com, but the unblock.us DNS server resolved it successfully. So I just added another zone for amazonaws.com, and forwarded those requests to unblock.us. That seems to have resolved it - Netflix now works. Not ideal, since the rule is a bit general, but I’m happy to have it working.

Good investigation, and little things like this may resolve some of the issues I was seeing with this setup, last year. I don't have the patience to keep up with it, but I'm certain some of you are more patient people than I am.

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