A few things I’ve been digging

  • Big Fan of Austin Wintory since he scored “Journey”. His recent album “Remnants” is really good. A series of short, well-executed tracks.
  • Also really feeling Melanie Martinez’s new album “K-12” . It’s angst-pop in high form.
  • In the late-90s, a bunch of big nineties bands teamed up to put our a really good album of Doors covers. (Supposedly, making the case that he could cover “The End” was why Scott Weiland put “Atlanta” on No. 4). The album was really good, and included a couple previously-unreleased Doors tracks. I owned it back then, but I lost it in a series of moves in the mid 2000s. Good news! It’s cheap on ebay!
  • I recently read (in the modern sense of a mix of reading and listening to) “Under Pressure: The Final Voyage of Submarine S-Five” by AJ Hill, which was absolutely phenomenal. I’d read it years ago, but revisited after hearing the recent replay of a Stuff You Missed in History Class Episode
  • I picked up this Tripp-Lite KVM to simplify my home office. It lists 100hz refresh rate, but I have it working at 120hz reliably with my PC. Currently have three computers connected to one monitor through it (PC, MacMini, 13” MacBoom Pro). Much better than my old setup of switching monitor inputs then tickling a USB switch to get the input and active computer to match.
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