Taylor Trammell - Baseball's Not Black Enough

Taylor Trammell - Baseball’s Not Black Enough

From a baseball perspective, he’s totally right. Baseball needs more Black players, and it has some very systemic reasons that the number of Black players has decreased over time (the cost of private coaching, showcase circuits, etc are chief among them). The point he’s making is about Baseball, and he’s absolutely right. High level Baseball is currently inaccessible to a lot of people who have the skill to play, and it could be robbing the sport of good talent.

But there’s a bigger topic that Trammell alludes to. Trammell was No. 69 on [Baseball Prospectus' top 101 prospects for 2020](https://www.baseballprospectus.com/pr ospects/article/56649/2020-prospects-the-top-101-wander-franco-jo-adell-gavin-lux/) at the start of the season. He was all but guaranteed to be a Major Leaguer. If he’s worried about advocating for what shouldn’t be a controversial view - that sworn protectors shouldn’t harm with impunity the people they’re sworn to protect - then how do you think people in generic office jobs or in blue collar jobs feel? If the League and NFL Ownership still hasn’t reached out to try to repair the bridge to Colin Kaepernik that they burned down, how do people who aren’t in such a rarified and lucrative position feel that the “tough conversation” this country keeps having isn’t actually changing anything.

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