A month or so ago I shipped the 911’s clock off to Pelican to be rebuilt. The clock hadn’t worked in some time, but it works gorgeously now, and since it’s the ‘88, it has the quartz movement.

I also dropped in Rennline’s Exact Fit Phone Mount and Induction Charger. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to find a path from the USB port on the back of the new SQR-46 head unit to the gauge cluster without drilling, which I didn’t want to do1. I ordered this 12v to USB module from Amazon, and made a quick wiring harness to tap the 12v positive and negative from the clock. Boom, clock and MagSafe charger work. Hype.

  1. Also, the SQR-46 kept trying to read the induction charger for files to play, which was disruptive to playing FM or Bluetooth audio, so really using the USB port on the head unit was a no-go. ↩︎

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