Still using Message-ID to link to specific mail messages

Nice little throwback. My teams are being proactive and gathering information now for projects they might like to take on in the future. In some cases, I want to make notes to include these in future budget planning sessions. Sometimes it’d be useful to link to some specific details, and often that detail is in a specific email message.

The Message-ID header is made exactly for this, and you can view the Message-ID header in using these instructions. There’s even an old DF post with an AppleScript snippet to make it easy to extract the Message-ID. I didn’t try that, but I suspect it’ll still work just fine.

Elsewhere on your computer, you can use a message:// prefix followed by the message-ID to link to the specific message and macOS still manages to handle it apporpriately, fifteen years later.

Nice when the simple & useful stuff still works.

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